We are people living with Type 1 Diabetes

Our small team hosts events, fundraisers and awareness campaigns across Canada. In terms of funds raised, we are directly supporting an organization called Life For A Child. In terms of Education, our goal is to help the population better understand this illusive disease. 

Our hope is that when people understand what Type One Diabetes is, they will be inspired to support the Type One Diabetic community today and they will be motivated to stand with the researchers working tireless to find a cure to this lifelong (and often terminal) diagnosis.



Meet the women behind This Is My Type

"Katie, I didn't even need to see you today to be able to tell you what’s going on. You very clearly have Type 1 Diabetes..."

Those words were uttered to me about 7 years ago now, and they were the best words I had ever heard. That day, I learned that Caucasian, athletic females in their early 20s were an incredibly common demographic to be diagnosed with this condition.

And you know what?  After a year of randomly losing about 40 pounds (and not in a cute, I look gracefully thin way) and being tested for everything from thyroid conditions to cancers to mental illness, I had almost given up hope on being able to live the rest of my life at the fast-paced, sports-filled level I had been used to for as long as I could remember...

My favourite cell type?
I am glad you asked!

I am a diabetes researcher at BC Children’s Hospital. With a love for science since childhood, and many friends and family members living with and affected by diabetes, finding a cure for diabetes is a cause that remains very close to my heart.

I met Katie several years ago through my husband, and we have been friends ever since. (We have a few things in common, including a love for food and wine, and a desire to kick diabetes’ ass.) Naturally, when Katie approached me about the idea behind This is My Type, I eagerly jumped on board to become part of the team...


Type 1 Diabetes Quick Facts

  • A few things you should know about Type 1 Diabetes
  • Lifestyle and eating habits do not cause Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Type 1 Diabetes is caused by the body’s immune system destroying naturally occurring cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.
  • As a result, our bodies can no longer produce insulin on their own.
  • There is currently no cure for Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Living with Type 1 Diabetes means either injecting insulin into our bodies multiple times a day, or having constant insulin infusion via a pump.
  • We test our blood sugar more than six times a day, by pricking a finger with a testing device.
  • Despite careful attention to our blood sugar levels, we are always at risk of having blood sugar that is too high, or too low. Either of these situations are painful and life-threatening.
  • Insulin helps us stay alive, but we are always at risk of developing kidney failure, a stroke, a heart attack, blindness, pregnancy complications and nerve damage – or requiring amputations.
  • Type 1 Diabetes can cut 15 years off our lives, even with proper treatment.
  • Source, and find out more at: JDRF.ca

Please donate today

We currently have 2 ways to give


Support our Life For A Child initiative. Donate just $10 to keep a child with Type 1 Diabetes alive.



Meet us at one of our upcoming events! The more people we have involved, the louder our voices will be together to get people talking about Type 1 Diabetes.